Elina has over 18 years' experience in the people business. She has worked in the realm of coaching with hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, philanthropists, artists, scholars, students, spiritual seekers, and blackjack players.  She started her career in the corporate sector and has worked for a range of industries, from video games to energy efficiency.  She has held senior-level positions in the areas of Human Relations, Consumer Understanding and Innovation.  At the core of Elina’s work is the person: the employee, the consumer, the client, and the fellow voyager. 

Elina uses her unique understanding of the human experience to guide others in their journeys towards their evolution in any realm whether it be in their awareness, consciousness, health, career, family life, self expression, creativity, and her favorite area, spirituality. Elina does everything in her power to understand, support, coach, inspire, and contribute to her clients’ wellness, success and personal growth. 

Elina learned the subtleties of human interaction and experience from an early age. At the age of four, she immigrated to the United States from Ukraine and had no common language with her fellow classmates.  She instinctively learned the power of body language, symbols, intuition, and energies.  At age four, she did not have the language for these innate abilities, but she knew their power and used them to navigate through her foreign world.  She became extremely sensitive to the differences and commonalities of people, to the models and breakdowns of groups and to the essence and intricacies of culture.

The immigration experience had a profound impact on Elina’s work in the world. Elina is fascinated with the complexity of the human experience. She has traveled around the world to understand the multi-faceted cultural systems that humans have created to journey through this miracle called life.

Elina sought many approaches for understanding human consciousness. She practices meditation, yoga and pranayama and continues to learn spiritual truths from the mystics and sages of ancient religions.  She is versed in many techniques in the spiritual and humanistic arts, including Positive Psychology, Dream Analysis, Emotional Intelligence, Writing Therapy, Logotherapy, Community Living, Gift Economy, Co-Creation, Non-Violent Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism.

Elina has been a Life Coach for over 10 years and a writer since she first picked up a pencil. Her mission is to awaken the Divine Energies of the Heart and Soul in every human being she encounters. Elina believes that every thought, every word, every fractal, every sensation, every elation, every confusion, every relationship, and every decision has within it the ability to awaken us to the Greatest Melody of our Souls and together we have the ability to serenade the Universe ~ Divine ~ G-d with the most exquisite symphony.

Elina’s purpose in life is to listen and fine-tune her Soul’s expression and to help others connect with their Highest Selves. Elina helps her clients tune into the depths of their intuition and essence. Elina has helped clients in all realms from taking unimagined risks, to beginning new ventures or relationships, to finding inner peace and tranquility, to finding creative expression and manifesting that expression in the world, to healing past trauma, to dreaming beyond constraints. She likes to call herself a dream catcher. She creates space for the dreamer to dream, the dream to be caught by the Divine and the Divine to take it from there. She believes that once a soul is on the journey toward its elevation, every power transcends all obstacles to lead the soul to its destination.  She believes that the Divine abundantly rains blessings upon us in every moment. It is our mission to receive the blessings that the Universe wants to bestow upon us....

Elina earned an MBA from Thunderbird, School of International Management, and studied at the Coaches Training Institute and the ECKO School for Coaching and World Good. She has held senior positions at corporations like LucasArts, Dolby Laboratories, The Clorox Company, Pacific Gas & Electric, and a variety of start-up companies. She has been a career counselor at Universities and Graduate Schools.

Elina and her husband, Mordechai David Naseck, teach Mindfulness and facilitate programs that lead participants into deep inner personal transformation and shifts in consciousness.  They do this work in private one-on–sessions, as well as, in groups at Corporations, Non- Profits, Retreat Centers, Wellness Centers and Destination Resorts & Spas. Elina has facilitated corporate groups in the area of brainstorming and innovation, consumer understanding, communication skills, and team building.  She is an excellent brainstorming facilitator and innovation champion.  Her husband, Mordechai David Naseck, taught Meditation and Mindfulness to CEOs and Senior Executives for international corporations while at Canyon Ranch Health Resorts and Miraval Life in Balance, two world renowned five-star Destination Spa Resorts.  Together they bring decades of meditation practice, business acumen and experience, techniques from a myriad of disciplines to teach individuals and teams in corporations to be more focused and productive, authentic and engaged, satisfied and motivated, creative and innovative, healthier and energized, and to work closer and more resiliently with their teams, products, and customers.  Elina and Mordechai David Naseck offer hour-long, daylong, weeklong and yearlong courses for individuals and teams. Elina and Mordechai David are currently working on building a meditation and healing retreat center in the Holy Land of Israel.

Elina is currently writing a book about her spiritual journey through India, Burning Man, Auschwitz, and finally, Israel. Stay tuned....

Elina and Mordechai David live in the mystical city of Tzfat (Safed), Israel.